Custom Software Maintenance And Support Agreement

The licensee will make reasonable economic efforts to resolve grade 3 severity issues in future maintenance versions. D. The licensee has access to a platinum-only helpline call number. Installation and upgrade tips are not included in this agreement. The licensee`s system administrator should follow the documents or instructions provided by the licensee`s technical support for the installation, configuration or updating of the software without the licensee`s interactive support. If the licensee is authorized to use the software on additional hardware, including centralized processing units, network servers or additional domains, pursuant to a separate agreement, and the licensee wishes to include these hardware or domain systems in this Agreement, the licensee is responsible for the additional costs for these Services. The licensee provides a telephone number (the “Support Center Hotline”) that can be used by any licensee to report Grade 1 serious incidents (as defined in Section 3.2.1). The Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00), with the exception of legal vacations in Maryland and/or the United States. At any other time, the Helpline hotline is transmitted to a voicemail system monitored by an on-demand support technician. The licensee does not require the authorisation or waiver of the individual rights of the licensee`s representatives in connection with visits to its premises, remote assistance meetings, support telephone calls or sales interviews and accepts that he is not entitled to any act or deed of such authorizations or waiver declarations.

For the duration of the Article 8 agreement below, the licensee undertakes to provide maintenance and support services to the covered software and to all hardware and platform software systems provided by the licensee. Covered software does not include third-party software or software developed by the licensee, with the exception of third-party software embedded in servers hosted by the covered software or licensee, or for custom software created by the licensee`s Proserv team. All maintenance and support services are subject to the degree of use acquired by the Licensee in accordance with the Master Software license agreement. RDP helps define what is delivered and what is possible. Working with you, we are working to define a project in as much detail as possible so that we all understand what the results are, what issues will need to be addressed in the future and what the costs are to achieve all the project objectives. This type of maintenance can also be carried out by the consultant for an additional fee (iii) Your use of the licensed software with software or equipment other than the supported environment. Y2K was a great example. At the turn of the millennium, many older software programs are expected to develop errors because they were used in double digits for the processing of the annual date instead of 4, as in 98, to designate 1998. Millions of dollars have been spent to modify old code bases or redesign applications to address this issue. A very typical problem, once the software is complete and provided, that`s what makes a mistake – and who is responsible for fixing it.

(i) customer portal. Precise provides a customer portal that can be used to send support requests for any support issues that are not classified as Grade 1. The customer portal provides self-service tools for finding the knowledge base and allows a license contact to transmit and track requests for assistance in case additional support is needed. The support portal is available at (c) “Installing and setting up new versions.” Maintenance services do not include the installation or configuration of versions. All services provided in the installation or configuration of the versions are provided as professional services, at a mutually agreed fee, in accordance with a separate professional services agreement.