Uaw Tentative Agreement Voting Results

Only four years ago, the same FCA staff voted 2-1 against the first provisional agreement, the first defeat of a national car contract in decades, sparking a rebellion against the union. The UAW responded by forcing ACF employees to vote again on the same contract. No doubt she decided this time to put the ACF workers in front of the fait accompli by forcing them to vote last. A rejection will probably mean returning to the negotiating table. In 2015, members of the FCA union rejected the interim contract. The UAW negotiating team met to identify the problems, returned to the negotiating table to renegotiate. This lasted two weeks, but the renegotiated interim agreement was accepted at 77%. However, in an unusual move, the company and the UAW rewrote part of the contract last week, although the workers voted for it. You said the revision of the fixed language that refused to increase wages for some workers with less seniority.

See the highlights of the proposed interim agreement See the full language of the proposed interim agreement “I think we can sell it,” said the local chief. “I know the people of Lordstown have exploded, and they want it to explode. But it`s a good deal. The interim agreement would end the current two-stage compensation system over the four-year contract and automatically make hundreds of temporary workers permanent employees. A person familiar with the conversations said these two topics were “great benefits.” UAW Local 1112, which represented members of the Assembly of Lordstown, Ohio, rejected the interim agreement with 87% or 412 members saying no and 13% or 61 members saying yes. The UAW will continue to strike, which enters the sixth week, while its members study and vote on the interim agreement during the week. If the contract is ratified, the strike will be over and the workers could return to work the next day. But that is what needs to be determined, what happens if the agreement is refused. A UAW spokesperson was not available to take a position. Local 961 UAW leaders in Marysville are calling on members to reject the agreement. As part of the interim agreement, Fiat Chrysler would unload the Axle plant in Marysville after two years to its partner in the joint venture, ZF Group of Germany. According to a summary of the agreement, Fiat Chrysler employees would have the option of switching locations or staying with ZF. Ford secured the tentative pact with the UAW on October 30 as part of negotiations that began after the union resolved its six-week strike against General Motors.

If Ford`s agreement becomes final, UAW would begin discussions with FCA Group, owner of Fiat Chrysler. But even if we take the vote properly, the results do not reflect broad support for the treaty, nor do the votes on Ford and GM.