Agreement Terms Research

Search agreements often contain confusing terms and languages. Sometimes terms that seem simple can have detrimental effects not only for the university, but also for you as a researcher and for your project. The IU Office of Research Administration protects you and your work by paying close attention to any research agreement. Protecting your publishing rights in supported projects is extremely important. The publication of research results helps the UI to accomplish one of its most important tasks: to develop scientific knowledge for the good of the community. In addition, peer-review publications are indispensable for the development of the faculty within the university, and doctoral and doctoral students often have to use knowledge from projects supported in their graduation theses and theses. Publication restrictions can jeopardize the UI`s open environment by possibly activating federal export control rules. Excessive delays in publication should also be avoided, as they can lead to the obsolescence of research results or the publication of a competing academic group first. The determination of payment for a contract defines the terms and payment mechanisms under which UI is to be paid for completed work. The payment structure must be defined from the outset, approved by the Office for Research Administration and can be either fixed or refundable.

Fixed price agreements have a fixed payment based on a milestone payment plan or on the submission of benefits. Reimbursement agreements are paid when costs are incurred and invoiced, usually monthly or quarterly. The confidentiality of a contract defines how sensitive or protected information is handled and limits the disclosure of that information. The UI rarely accepts confidentiality terms that would limit the disclosure of research results. The university`s contract agents negotiate to protect you and IU from claims of violation or violation. The section on indemnification and/or liability, which is often found in research agreements, deals with the legal liability of the party – UI or sponsor – if something goes wrong during the project and/or under what circumstances one party defends the other. IU is not responsible for the Sponsor`s use of data or services provided as a result of your work in connection with an agreement processed by the Office of Research Administration. . .