Aim Of This Agreement

4.2. As part of the achievement of its objectives, the university is committed to this: by relentlessly seeking excellence, the Australian National University will remain one of the best universities in the world. To achieve this goal, the university will collaborate with its staff. A policy which is being developed and which affects the conditions of employment of the staff covered by this Agreement shall be subject to consultation with the academic community and the relevant trade unions. The University recognises that the University will achieve its objectives through the outstanding contributions of our collaborators and that its ability to support, develop and criticise Australian society will be greatest if intellectual freedom is exercised in a manner consistent with responsible research into knowledge and its dissemination. The university will maintain an intellectual property policy that will recognize, among other things, the moral and economic rights of staff and students. An agreement of objectives is an instrument of direction that is the result of teaching management by objectives. [2] Management by objective means, in this context, the attitude of staff through objectives. The company`s philosophy gives impetus to the formulation of strategic objectives which, in turn, translate employees` objectives into operational objectives.

The objectives of the high hierarchical level are the direction and longer-term orientation of a company`s objectives. The lower the goals in the hierarchy, the shorter and more specific they are. In this regard, it should be noted that any type of objective, based on the overall objective, must be to ensure that the company acts as a targeted whole. The commission and the agreement of objectives include a variable remuneration for success, which is paid in addition to a fixed salary. However, as individual remuneration based on the results of the commission, a benefit is provided to employees who are not or are not mainly used in distribution or who, in any event, are not primarily related to turnover or profit. If the employer takes a goal for which only the commission is paid, it is an agreement of objectives. Interviews or agreements of objectives have the effect of informing the employee of the reasons and circumstances, as well as the working conditions, in order to solve problems in an autonomous and targeted manner. The control periods of the executives are reduced. In addition, employees are encouraged to feel more accountable for the results of their activities.

Objective agreements strengthen the employee`s identification with the content of the work and the company, which also leads to an improvement in the employee`s performance and, therefore, an improvement in the efficiency of the company. . . .